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New Company Sells T-Shirts to Spread Awareness of Coronavirus and Actual Coronavirus

Willy Creech, founder and CEO of “COVID CASUAL,” a West Virginia-based startup, is causing panic in the fashion world as he continues to eat up market share for streetwear. We were lucky enough to sit down with Willy for an interview.

Just last week, Creech noticed a huge problem in his hometown of Volga, West Virginia, a community of 53. “Only 8 people in allllllll of Volga were aware of the Coronavirus pandemic” he said, after wiping Jack Daniels off his mouth with his hand. 

Communication with mainstream society is limited in Volga as less than 4% of the residents own cellular devices. Creech, being one of the lucky 2, was first to hear about Coronavirus. Since being informed, he has started COVID CASUAL, a company that focuses on spreading awareness of the virus and the virus itself. “At first I figured the best way to get the word out was through t-shirts, but then I realized that I could also use the actual virus.”

Creech reasons that, while t-shirts saying, “WATCH OUT” in block letters are effective to some extent, the only thing that could truly spread awareness is the actual Coronavirus. COVID CASUAL works with a manufacturer in China to make 98% cotton, 2% Coronavirus t-shirts.

“It just works” says Creech. “By selling one t-shirt, I really get the word out to hundreds if not thousands of people.”

           As the market in many regions has shrunk due to a decrease in population, COVID CASUAL is looking to expand to regions so far unaffected by Coronavirus such as much of Africa. “We want people to know. Some people are living healthy, oblivious lives without even knowing what’s going on!” Creech said emphatically, leading into a slight coughing spasm. “Excuse me.”

           Look to see COVID CASUAL in the finance section in a few years as Creech plans a strategic IPO after the quarantine is over.