Historical Issue

Advertisement: We Are Starting a Newspaper and It is Going to Be Great!

UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO – It is high time that our beloved University of Chicago had a school newspaper. With this sentiment in mind, we are excited to announce the launch of the Chicago Maroon, a newspaper befitting this great university.

Our staff will consist exclusively of intelligent, unbiased, and thoughtful students who value truth and integrity. We promise to adhere to the highest standards of journalistic rigor and vow to be a paragon of coverage, rivaling the Harvard Crimson and the Yale Daily News.

The Maroon will include sections covering campus news, the arts, and our nigh-unstoppable sports teams. We are particularly excited about our pioneering viewpoints section. This section will feature thought provoking, well-written op-eds authored by promising young thinkers from throughout the student body.

We at the Maroon are excited for the future! Our first printing arrives on Monday, and we hope to count you among our readership.