Chicago Shady Dealer

We Know a Lot of Words, but None of Them are “Black Lives Matter”, Apparently

Hi there! We’re the sentient ghouls of Levi Hall. You might remember us as the minds behind all-time-great administrative emails like “No we won’t lower tuition”, “Something about Thucydides”, and “Here is a riddle!”.

We just wanted to confirm that we, collectively, do indeed know a lot of words. We counted! Between all of us, it’s more than 100,000 words! We’ve also been doing DuoLingo, so honestly, if you count other languages, it could even be more. You’ve really only seen a small subset of what we’re capable of in our emails.

What’s that? Do we know “Black Lives Matter”? I don’t think we’ve ever heard those words in that specific order before … what does it mean? What? Sorry, we can’t hear you — we’re buying UCPD teargas and it’s kind of loud in here!